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     In My Mailbox is a meme that was originally invented on The Story Siren. I have adapted it a little: I will post the books I receive or the ones I buy every so often. I will not post every week (as is normally the case of IMM), but on an irregular basis, that is when I have new books!

    I was back in England for the last two and a half weeks and of course... I could not help it! As you have probably guessed, I bought loads of books... So many that my suitcase was far too heavy and I had to pay extra... Anyway, it'll keep me busy for a bit (as if my TBR shelf were not full enough)
    As foreign books are usually expensive in Switzerland, I usually write down the titles I'm interested in and I then buy them when I go to the UK. What I particularly like are the charity shops, where you can find great and cheap books in good conditions. (Usually between £1 and £2)   

     First of all, a little visit in the charity shops in Shrewsbury, Wem and Newport  
    Received: Notes from a small island, by Bill Bryson. Thank you Alice for buying me this book!  

    Bought:  The other Boleyn girl, by Philippa Gregory. I had noticed that book some time ago and everybody kept telling me how great it was, so when I saw it in a charity shop, I had to buy it! 
      I also bought a few more books, but I had to left them in the UK for the moment because I did not have enough room in my suitcase... (no comments)
Then a stop at The Works, where I could not resist the "3 for £5" offer...
Bought: A place of secrets, by Rachel Hore. It is quite funny because I had seen that book in Waterstones and then did not buy it because of the price... Which paid off because it was much cheaper at the Works' so I decided to buy it.
    Bought:  The wreckage, by Michael Robotham. I love crime books and the summary attracted me. What helped me make my decision, though, was the author, because I had read a review on one of his books earlier and I wanted to discover his work. 

    Bought: Stravaganza, City of stars, by Mary Hoffman. I have read this book before in French and I am a great fan of the series.
    Bought: The constant Princess, by Philippa Gregory. Another one in the series.
    Bought: Death of a friend, by Rebecca Tope. How could I not enjoy a crime book by a British author, with the action taking place in the hunting world?

Comme les livres en langue étrangères sont chers en Suisse, je note généralement les titres qui m'intéressent et j'effectue mes achats lors de mes visites en Angleterre.
Le grand point fort, ce sont les "charity shops" dans lesquels on peut trouver des livres supers, en très bon état et très bon marché (£1 ou £2 généralement)
    J'étais de retour en Angleterre pour les deux semaines et demie passées et, bien sûr... Je n'ai pas pu résisté. Comme vous l'aurez probablement deviné, j'ai acheté des tonnes de livres...Un si grand nombre que ma valise était bien trop lourde et que j'ai dû payer un supplément à l'aéroport... Mais bon, au moins, j'ai de quoi m'occuper (comme si ma PAL n'était pas déjà suffisamment haute)

    In My Mailbox a été inventé par The Story Siren. J'ai apporté quelques adaptations au concept initial: je posterai un article avec les livres que je recois et ceux que j'achète. Je ne publierai pas un article chaque semaine (comme c'est normalement le cas de IMM), mais de manière irrégulière, selon mes nouveaux livres.


Anonymous said...

Heureuse d'avoir découvert ton blog. je suis française et habite aux US. j'ai aussi un blog sur mes lectures [], où j'écris essentiellement en anglais à cause de mes lecteurs. mais je publie des choses aussi sur la France.
je suis également traductrice. J'ai traduit des livres, mais jamais en fiction. Mon rêve c'est d'avoir un diplôme pour pouvoir un jour traduire des romans!
Je suis ton blog avec RSS

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